Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation

Traumatic brain injury can happen to anyone, at any time.  Recovery usually takes longer than insurance allows. When the doctors say, “We’ve done what we can,” that’s where LifeDesigns can step in. The journey may take months or even years. We will stay with the patient as long as it takes.
At LifeDesigns, the patient is the center of the organization. We work with the patient as long as we have to, so they can learn to adapt to life at home and in the community.
Traumatic brain injury affects not only the patient but also everyone who loves and cares for them. We use a holistic model that embraces the recovery of the whole family. We work on the physical, the social, and the emotional factors all at once. We can help the patient resume an active lifestyle, stay in their home, and live independently.

We will use traditional therapy and advanced technology to address the effects of the injury. As you adapt to life after the TBI, new issues will arise. We will change and adjust your treatment and set new goals whenever that is necessary.

Every person and every injury is unique. Over the years, LifeDesigns has helped people with traumatic brain injury become mobile, live on their own, and get back to work.   There is hope

If you've suffered a TBI, LifeDesigns can help.