Back Surgery Recovery!

LifeDesigns ReAbility Center can help with back surgery recovery. Every surgery is different. At LifeDesigns, we can help you feel better within the first few visits.

We Can Help

We can help increase your range of motion, and improve muscle strength. With our advanced equipment and regular treatment, we can greatly reduce your pain. We can also help improve your stamina and balance

We don't rely on insurance

Maybe you saw a physical therapist during the first weeks after surgery. They probably wanted to continue, but they couldn’t because the insurance ran out. Call us. At LifeDesigns, we don’t rely on insurance. We have reasonable and flexible fee structures that allow you to continue your back surgery recovery for months and even years.

Improve the Quality of your Life

The quality of your life can improve with LifeDesigns. We want to go beyond what your physical therapist could do. We will help you live on your own, see you connect with friends and community, and enjoy the people you love most. You will enjoy greater health and a brighter outlook during, and after you complete your back surgery recovery.
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We stay with you long after insurance lets you down.
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Activity-Based Therapy

Life Designs ReAbility Center is a Specialized Health and Wellness Center. We provide affordable, Activity-Based Restorative Therapy for Adults

Dedicated to the Community

We are dedicated to the recovery of people in our community from brain and spinal cord injuries and other long term illness.

Insurance Not Required

We provide top-quality medical care at reasonable rates, and we stay with you long enough to get you back to your life.