Help for Stroke Victims

Stroke recovery at LifeDesigns can help you go farther than you or your doctor expects. You can adapt and improve the quality of your life for years to come.  In our stroke recovery program, you will maintain health and wellness, develop balance and stability, and learn to adjust to life after stroke.

Did your insurance run out?

LifeDesigns provides cash-based services at reasonable rates.  We understand that recovery may take months or years. But, with proper and consistent therapy, you CAN regain function and get back into life.

How much recovery should I expect?

Each stroke and every patient is unique.  If you finished therapy and still don’t have use of one side of your body, it is true that we may not be able to help restore voluntary movement to the affected side. But, it is essential to keep the joints and muscles as healthy and strong as possible. We can do this with our functional electrical stimulation equipment and through manual physical therapy.

We also use a special piece of suspension equipment called RedCord to help with stroke recovery. With this technology, we can use verbal and tactile cues to get limbs to move voluntarily or get assistance from the unaffected side of the body.

The LifeDesigns Approach

LifeDesigns uses a holistic approach. The patient is at the center, but caregivers and family are involved. A stroke can make life very challenging for everyone, but together we can promote positive outcomes for the patient and loved ones.   Stroke recovery is a journey, and we will stay with you for as long as it takes.