Filling the Healthcare Void

Imagine all avenues of physical or occupational therapy exhausted or a medical team at a loss on how to maintain the quality of life and health of a loved one.

Are there solutions? More often than not the solutions involve complicated surgeries along with their inherent risks. Injections and more drugs for pain.

Homebound in a wheelchair for comfort or safety.

The resolutions of expensive in-home long term care or placement in a nursing home.

The healthcare void for these individuals is real. Families, through no fault of their own face this each and every day.

Is there a next step? Yes there is.

The next step!

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A Life Designs ReAbility Center®

Your clients can now receive continued training on standing, walking, and transferring safely from chair to bed or car with minimal assistance.

After being told by countless rehabilitation programs that they would never walk again and that they should prepare for long term care, your ReAbility Center program will help them regain enough physical strength to remain safe at home with minimum of support.

Upon referral from a friend, family member, or member of their medical team many clients receive grants from several Foundations and Charities associated with LDRC.

Now, you can own a ReAbility Center ®, too!

Life Designs ReAbility Center ® is a very successful prototype poised to be replicated into other clinics throughout America.

The primary objective of a ReAbility Center® program is to provide long-term, affordable ABRT & LT accessible year round.

Your ReAbility Center® will help to further develop independent living skills of your patients and help them prevent or reduce additional chronic illness.