Home Based

Train at home, turn wasted downtime into meaningful training, empower your rehabilitation process.

Powered By Motion

Training the brain together with physical activity improves brain plasticity and enhances the brain recovery potential.

Life-Stimulating and Fun

Fun and engaging real-life scenarios drive the transfer to enhanced daily life functioning and ensure ongoing motivation and compliance

Adaptive and Personalized

Games are adjusted in real-time to the needs of the player enabling independent training.

Evidenced and Science Based

Grounded on evidence-based paradigms and the latest research

Trains Multiple Cognitive Functions

Working memory, multi-tasking attention, cognitive control, self-initiation, mental flexibility, persistence, and more.

"Intendu is changing my husband's recovery and life for the better. His ability to move, to speak and to reason are improved, even to my eyes. Since I'm with him almost all the time, it is hard for me to recognize the little improvements, and the improvements that he's experienced are noticeable even by me! These are improvements in his functioning in the outside world too - not just in a session. Those are the ones I treasure the most!"

-Carol Schlintz - Caregiver.

"We consider Intendu an integral part of our daughter's daily therapy. We incorporate it into our day along with her physical therapy and occupational therapy so that we have three daily activities to help her get closer to her goals. As the game offers more and more activities and options, she is continually challenged. The game remains an activity that she looks forward to and asks for each day. As she continues to heal, Intendu is an additional tool for her to stimulate her brain and continue to learn and grow." -Angie Aiken - Mom
"Eight months ago I was injured in a terror attack while I was in a course in the army. During my rehabilitation I started to use the Intendu softward. The software helps me in developing new ways of thinking and planning how to approach things. In addition I also get to move my legs. This is the first time since I was injured that I integrate thinking while moving. The software helps me in the cognitive aspect as well as the orthopedic aspect of my rehabilitation. I learn how to be faster, etc. -Yarin Eschenazi